Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Desert Penguin Ninja Mercenary

So if you haven't noticed, I cut my hair (how dare you! I spent all day at the salon to look pretty for you!) Ok, seriously now, I'm heavily into manga and movies. I like to draw things that encompass that. Lately I have gotten into the habit of drawing innocent looking animals with threatning attire, like a cute lil chocobo with a big fucking sword, but c'mon, it has a scarf, it won't hurt you.
So, I was 1/4 of the way through inking before I forgot to take the pic, check it:

I used some king penguin pics I found on google. "Googlemagic!"(Dane Cook) I looked up some pic for sais and the hat from Desert Punk. Here's the inked version:

So yeah, cute penguin+sais+Desert Punk Symbol(hat)= Desert Penguin Ninja Mercenary. Alright, now for the colored version, I used color pencils but I'm going to photoshop both of the drawings I've drawn to see how they look. Moving on:

I didn't want to apply too much force and I was kinda annoyed with the belly since it looks too white so i shaded it a little bit. Be warned, you run into a penguin in the desert, dark alley, lonely staircase, the zoo, they're always ready to fucking pierce you with a sai. Life lesson, I speak from expirience. Lemme hear what you think in the comments. Til next time. Adios (i'm 2 kinds of spanish btw)....(bbtw(if they can use pps then y not bbtw?!)...follow me if you like what I do and add me on Twitter if you'd like to also:Kigenhere)


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  2. very cool. are you taking requests? do an echidna sailing! (no? just a suggestion...)

  3. Totally adorable. You've got talent!

  4. Haha yeah the porcupine looking creature, sailing on a sailboat or a surfboard!

  5. awww, that's adorable. i want it in stuffed animal form.


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