Friday, January 29, 2010

Eight Bits of Nostalgia III

Getting school schedules to work out is a tiring process. Its bullshit how being a senior can get you into any class. Sigh, I guess next semester means I'm a super senior, the super-hero detested for having way too many credits. I actually have good grades, it was just cuz I chose my major late.

Remember kids not in college, when they say that you have time after getting into college to choose your major, its bullshit. Figure it out in high school or you're going to end up stuck in school for MORE time. I have this. You don't want this.

You don't want this either...
^I liked this movie^

Time to finish off this threesome (I hope I get to say this outside of the internet someday.) For my third and final installment, I'm pretty sure there will be at least some enthusiasts out there who'll recognize this yellow glutton.
First, the individual models:
This is worth more than you know, am I right guys?
For a ghost named Blinky, he doesn't look like he blinks at all.

And now the great ball-eater himself...
(Hombre Pac 4 the Spanglish speakers)
Its like a pie chart is about to eat a jagged gumdrop.

Pac-Man was such a bitch to make, since he's a round character and making him round while keeping the 8-bit(cube) effect was not easy but ah well, I'm happy with the result. As well as with the models come the backgrounds I made so if you're into anything you've seen, check these out.

"Pac-Man: Full of Cojones"
"Cherries before twig & berries, huh."



Finally ,its done. Now I can get back to doing some normal stuff. For a blog named I draw stuff, I haven't been posting any drawing at all lately. I'll rectify that with my next post which will be the last art request for one of my friends, then I can start doing some art requests for people online again.
Let me know what you'd like to see me draw and I'll get around to it if I like the idea. Alright then, all the links to all my other stuff are on the right and I'm planning on changing the layout, I don't know when, but I want a more of a 2010 look. Don't forget to comment on this.
Til next,
I'm Mike Suazo.


  1. this is really cool! now i wanna play pac man...thanks ;)

  2. Wow, you make cool stuff! Thanks for the comment at my blog! :D

  3. Mike, do you do alot of 3DSMax Stuff? It's something that I've been looking at and interests me quite a bit. There was this video I saw off of that 3D mapped these still photos and moved around them. Absolutely amazing.

  4. Nah, only did 3dsmax for a class and I liked it but i want to concentrate on what I enjoy more. I wouldn't mind getting into it for like special projects, its fun to do and you lose hours like minutes without noticing.
    Mapped still photos with movement inside them? That sounds insane! The possibilities would be endless. Never heard of it but will definitely check it out.Thanks for the comment man. Ima follow your blog and check out your stuff too.


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