Monday, June 14, 2010

Would You Like (to be)Fried With That?

(Click the comic to enlarge!)
I thought this comic up a few weeks ago and have since been thinking about how I could go about laying it out & i went through a couple of different ways & I guess thats how comic'ing work, always trying new things.

Hope you enjoy it & leave a comment, I like to hear what you have to say regardless of whether its bad, I need to learn how to improve & what to work on, you know?

If you're on DeviantArt then check me out there as well, sometimes I'm super tired from finishing the comic and don't want to write a blog post so I just add it to DA lol.

Clickey the link-ey:

By the way, Red Dead Redemption is pretty fun & if you have a PS3 or that game or even both (ooh la la rich person) then add me as a friend.

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  1. Cool drawings! I just can't read it even if I click the comic it doesn't effect the size very well.

  2. Hey 8Supernits, when you click the comic, it takes you to a screen where the image is fit to the window but if you click the image again or look for a little expand button or even zoom (Ctrl button & + button pressed together) it'll expand the image. Annoyingly, I can't post the original image due to size restrictions. When i get my own site, I'll see how I can make this better.

  3. lmao Mike that is so funny!!! I like how he got darker as he went along cause you were going to the evil side because of your actions lol Good one!!


  4. is it just me, but i dont get it -_-
    - lana

  5. Looks a bit like InFamous...

  6. That's the look I was going for Anonymous.


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