Friday, November 13, 2009

(W&W #2) Chris Katana Is A Horrible Title

If you don't know who I was referring to in the title, its Chris Kattan... this guy:
He's the much less funny one on the left.

So why the horrible yet catchy title? Because it's time for the second installment of...
Weapons & Wielders #2

...and this one happens to be about the type of swords called Katanas. How can you tell I'm excited? If I stand up right now, someone would probably tell me to sit back down and put that thing away. Understand yet? I'm joking of course...

Took me a while to actually come up with these designs, its a bitch not being able to work on it whenever since I can only access the program in that lab. This class is like that freshman girl who sexually teases the crap out of you and then tells you she's waiting til marriage for sex and only wanted to play around. Do I sound bitter? You should hear the guy who this actually happened to.

Moving on, this is what I first thought to make it look like:

Wooden Style Katana

Guess I wanted to be traditional, being my first sword and all...


For the ladies who like them long and skinny ;)

The Hand-guard:
I don't envy the person who'd carve this in real life.

So I thought I was done but then today I decided I wanted to re-do it, make it look more bad-ass (academic term) if you will.

Here's the result:

Crimson Blade

You gotta say, that's a snazzy name for a sword. Snazzy being an uncool term for cool.

Hand-guard + Handle Combo!
Steel just looks stronger than wood. I don't know why...Plus it looks bad-ass.

And what do you do when you got two swords?


Awwww yeaaaaah!

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  1. Well now, making ancient pop culture references, are we? I wonder where you got that idea. :P

    Oh man, now THESE are badass. Much more detailed than the last ones. No joke, I could see those being used in a last-gen game.

    ... Or a Wii game. Whichever works.

    Keep posting! RAR! D:<

  2. Must admit the crimson blade does look badass Mike.



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