Tuesday, June 1, 2010

SavePoints: Jack'ing In

Hey, its been a while, nice to have some internet connection here in the boonies of Fl. As you can see, Im going to start doing these completely in color since I really like how they look. With this is just continuing the story and wanted to introduce more characters then just Alex.

I have so many comics I need to make and even a (hopefully) paid commission so lets see how this summer treats me. I got a volunteer gig at MoCCA (Museum of Cartoon & Comic Art) in NYC so maybe I can pick up some pointers from other comic artists.

Til next, all info on the side & check out my other stuff.
Love comments btw, they get me all giddy.


  1. It looks good. Except i don't like your surprise look... u look like the killer from scream.

  2. Lmao I must agree with the above comment your surprise look is super creepy like a ghost just took over your body lol Love the guys bathroom sign though nice "Mike touch" lol

    you remind me of the guy from superbad lol


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