Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Escapist Job Escaped Me :/

I like puns, as you can tell from my ^title^.
Hey, its nice to be back here, writing on the blog, feels like its been too long. Remember that webcomic job I tried to get? I didn't win. Things happen and its not bad, just a learning experience: I need to get better!

This is the logo I put up for my webcomic which I called:
First time I design a logo. I know its super simple.

I did this comic of Bayonetta because, well, I thought it'd be funny. You tell me if you like it.

Click for full-view!

I just came up with the joke thinking about the demo I played. I refuse to get the game until they patch it so it doesn't suck with those long load times on the PS3. Anyways, I just thought it'd be cool for her to have something new on her shoes other than the guns and this came out.

These are the sketches I did before-hand. It was a real pain to draw her because of all her little details. Since it was a contest, I wanted to at least be a little thorough but I don't know if a background would've helped make it look better. I did four of these for and will post up the other three separately as to explain each one.
Click for Full-View!
Yeah, I actually did this in my notebook.

All the details to draw...this woman CAN accessorize.

But wait! I will continue to update these for now since I don't really want to officially start a webcomic yet cuz I'm still learning a few things but if I get enough feedback, I'll officially start and try to update as regularly as possible :D.
Let me know what you think about the comic.

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  1. the ups and downs are part of it, and important stuff. Not getting a gig now means that next time you'll push harder. You usually end up better for it if you don't tap out at the first sign of defeat.

  2. Nice advice. Thanks for that, I'll definitely continue to try to be a good artist.

  3. Friggin' Tomlin stealing the inspirational spotlight... Grumble grumble...

    Nah, I kid. Sucks that you didn't win, man. Better luck next time - just make sure you keep making comics!

  4. haha you know me. a beacon for all. (shoot me.)

  5. As I've learned, sometimes doing webcomics can be a tough gig, especially if no one is really willing to help you out to figure the ins and outs of everything. But all you can do is strive to be that much better and let your success speak for itself. Success is the best revenge.

  6. Not bad at all. I used to do the art thing when i was younger. It was my life. So I definately understand where you are coming from. Keep up the great work and keep dreaming. Don't listen to anybody that tells you that you can't accomplish your dreams. Though you may need to work hard and improve on certain areas that is no direct insult to you. You just need to learn more to become more marketable.
    I want you to take a look at my post when you get a chance. It's about self image and the way society tries to mold us into something we are not. I know that as an artist you must understand this because it is a rite of passage. I am following you because art makes me feel good.

  7. @Enick- I'll definitely check you out. Thanks for the inspirational words as well as the words of encouragement. Also, thanks for following me, I'll try my best to entertain you and the rest who do. :D


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