Monday, March 22, 2010

It's a me...hame-ha!

Hey, wasup! About the title, if you don't get it, it has to do with the Kame-hame-ha beam from Dragon Ball/DBZ and Mario's catchprase. Classic :D!

This is the last of the comics from my submission to the Escapist Magazine WebComic Competition.I thought of this while watching my brothers play the new Super Mario Bros. for the Wii (it was weird to watch my brothers play as brothers.) Now that I think about it, Mario only eats flowers and mushrooms, he's a vegan superhero... Kinda disappointed now.

This new Game Tangent comic has to do with the new powers they seem to get all the time. Funny it all started with some crazy fire plant, which seems great to have fireball throwing powers, but seems like the drawback is Mario will have crazy diarrhea later. So here it is:
Game Tangent
It's a me...hame-ha!
Click for best view.
Goku:"Fireballs? How about a spirit ball...motherfucker."

So yeah, thats all of them. I'm making some new ones and will be posting them up as soon as they're done. Guess this became a bit of a webcomic blog now...sweet. Let me know what you think about the comic, should be nice to see what people think.

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