Friday, February 27, 2009

That Surfin' Echidna...Dude.

Nice to see you again! Have you lost weight? Woww, I can really tell...Niw that you're under the impression I'm a nice guy, hello.Man this week felt long.Ok, so I'm a little late with this week's drawing but I have a pretty good excuse: Echidna's are fucking hard to draw. I took this drawing request from Matt, one of my blog readers and a classmate and damn does he know how to pick 'em. I struggled to make this thing not look like a bird on two legs, to make its mouth not look like a platypus mouth and its fingers not like claws. It's a clusterfuck of an animal if you've ever seen one:an anteater, porcupine and platypus...a fucking platypus... enough said. This is the first pic, sorry about the quality, it was with my Blackberry (I don't feel good if I don't capitalize my phone):

Ok, so that took me an insane amount of time to think up. I seriously had like 6 pics of it for reference and this is as good as I could get it. Don't like it? don't?...Ight then, I don't care about you, you're not my fucking moms! (You actually might be, I don't think she'd like this either.) Anyways, Matt wanted it surfing so...:

At the beginning, it was just a plain board, it was pretty boring to me but then, while in a class (I won't say which for "not failing any class" purposes) and decided to add Knuckles the Echidna to the board to just make this much easier to understand what the hell an Echidna is. Although I have NO IDEA how they came up with calling Knuckles an Echidna, should've just been Knuckles, the Bloody Jamaican Hedgehog, but I'm not a game designer so whatever. Here's a little color in your face. Boom!:

Yeah, at this point, I thought I was pretty much done but since it didn't quite feel complete, I decided to cave and actually draw a bit of a background, water does tend to add a little more credibility if you're pretending to surf (it's not impressive when you use your body as a surf board on the beach, not unless you have someone standing on top.) but I had never drawn water effectively since I like outlining too much but ah, here we go:

I don't know if I made the illusion that he's inside a wave tube but i tried. I just know that I wouldn't surf, swim or even tan near this thing, not for fear of getting pierced by its spiky back (how does it do it?...hardcore hair gel?) Just because I know I wouldn't be picking up any girls with this smooth looking dude nearby.(Ladies, he's single!) Just let me know what you think about him. I'll name him(her?) sometime this week. You can bet it'll be something radical (surf terminology, same as ninja turtle terms). Ight, remember, don't fuck with Echidnas, not because I say they're dangerous, they just seem capable of murder, I think its their naturalluy purple eyes that I can't help but fall in love with... (Knuckles has purple eyes thats why.) Anyways, leave me a request if you'd like. If I like the idea and think I can do it, I'll do it. Simple as that. Leave a comment, don't have to be a member to do it, c'mon! Do it for the LOL's. Leave your name though!
-Two Fingers(...peace)
Mike Suazo


  1. That thing's crazy, dude. You got it all wrong, dude - where's the gloves and boots? How will he get the Chaos Emeralds looking like that?

    Nah, it looks great, though. Good stuff.

    I think you'd have enjoyed drawing the echidna if, instead of surfing, it was on a boat.

  2. Why does he look so angry? He's such a cute surfing hybrid animal!!!

  3. Leaving you a comment for the lulz!!!
    Nice surfing Echidna....
    I have a drawing request for you too. =)

  4. I would like a 40 foot mobile suit, drawn to scale on wax paper using pastels and pig's blood. I expect it to be fully 3-d and uploaded to the site by the next full moon. go.

  5. lol it looks like knuckles is licking his ass. but its still pretty cute! The wave is nice but after a while it looks like a cave. Other than that your color are nice.


  6. how come he has purple eyes?

    Conrad welsche

  7. Haha yes! Very cool my friend, very cool!

  8. i wish you were the echidna and i was the surfboard so you can ride me while we're all wet.

    Gaby ;-)

  9. He's so cute I want to take him home!

  10. Aren't you glad you started a blog? Its a great way for you to document the progression of your work. Thanks for sharing your work with us!

  11. gaby u dirty little slurry



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