Sunday, April 25, 2010

Must Work Out To Lift Rain

^Heavy Rain Pun^
Stop it, the quick-time event's over!

Comment: I was playing Heavy Rain and thought about how instead of random button pressing, this seemed much more practical...

Something I've been meaning to ask, would you (the readers) like me to put the full-size comic so you don't have to click to see bigger? I mean, I'd have to mess with the template code and stuff but yeah, I think it'd be better. Let me know!

Geeky Photoshop Stuff: I love how the lines in this don't look blocky anymore. Is it because its, better, its cooler? Maybe its Maybelline... (this is my train of thought). Actually, its because the original version of this is about 3 times bigger so making it smaller keeps how crisp it looks. I need to work on my backgrounds and anatomy so let me know what'd help.

Let me know what you think and if you liked this comic.
Comic Hint: It's a masturbation joke...

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  1. lol That's a nice! The picture should be bigger tho :D

  2. Cool stuff man. Yeah I was just leaving you a comment here too about how to make your lines crisper, but I guess you figured it out already. Signs of a great artist. I think having the picture small like that is just the nature of the beast when it comes to blogger. Personally, I don't mind because I always click on the pictures.

    I haven't played much of Heavy Rain (outside of the demo), but from what I saw and played, I thoroughly enjoyed.

  3. Hey thanks for the comment you left. You have a point about YouTube's policies, which is just sort of sad on their part. Although most of the examples given have something to do with video posts to YouTube, the point is- in general -to all memes on all sites. Memes are, almost by definition, extracted from pop culture. For instance, nobody sues you everytime you shout "Let's Get Ready To Rumble!" in public. Or say "Why So Serious?"

    Memes are an essential part of communication, and it should be transcendent of whatever site policy is because of first amendment rights.

    That's my opinion anyway XD

    Also, on your post here, you could probably stand to use a bigger image size, especially for comics. Your best bet, if you're posting things you also have on dA, is to have a separate account on say... photobucket and resize it exactly the size you need, and link to THAT image, setting it at "Original Size"

    That's what I do for a lot of my images, I almost always have them at "Original Size" just for viewer convenience.

    Peace~ Good luck with your blog.

  4. Hilarious, lol, i have a request for your next piece, everyone thinks i'm weird because my favorite Final Fantasy game is FFIX, i love all the other ones but 9 was the 1st one i played and i just loved it, can you make a FFIX piece?

  5. Why haven't you posted anything latley? :(

  6. hi..iam new here
    i hope we can share any idea or be a friend do you do?

  7. @Syanata- Yea sure, I don't see why not!

  8. That right there, is awesome haha +1

  9. haha. Love this comic. And with regards to this, "Something I've been meaning to ask, would you (the readers) like me to put the full-size comic so you don't have to click to see bigger," I think it will be better if you make it big and full size comic, eh.

    Cathy@nursing scrubs


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