Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bioshock 2: Plasmid Showdown!

Hey, this is probably the shortest time I've let come between posts but I want to show everything I did and how I thought of it. Midterms are coming up and I don't want them to slow down my updates :D. I'm so self-less...

So here's the second of 4 comics I submitted in for the WebComic contest by
The Comic:
Click for full view!

They hate fire actually...and being on fire too.

The way I thought about it was when I saw how the plasmids can be combined in a ton of different ways so I did a ton of different dumb/funny ways they could go wrong. (ex. the Fire & Ice combo makes fog) I kept of thinking of funny ways to combine fire and thought of the premise.

Here's the sketch I made:
The logo of the webcomic is here too...whoops.

I like the idea and the way I kept it simple but some might not so since they're black and white comics, I might put more detail into them in the future. I have a follow up comic idea I might do.

The name for the webcomic, Game Tangent was made up because I'm the type of guy that will start talking about one thing then go on crazy fun tangents. I'd say I have interesting conversations that start with food then ends up at flying babies with laser eyes, making sense the entire way through...ok, that's a lie.

Final Thoughts

So yeah, comment on the comic and let me know what you like. I really want some feedback on the stuff I do and what I can work on and improve.

My email:
All the links are on the side should you want to add me on anything, I'm quite a nice guy when I'm not cursing about not having enough time to do fun stuff. :D

And since I'm a PS3 Trophy Whore, I'm going to start leaving these at the end. :D



  1. lol that was so funny when you said that mario & luigi were vegatarions awesome post :P and ur a great artist im a 6th grade artist kids in my class always ask for me to draw them stuff lol but whenever i post drawings on the web they don't look as good as they do when im not putting them on the internet :(

  2. Thanks 8supernits. Thats cool, I started out like that back in 6th grade too. It got annoying when they asked for stuff but I shouldve done a hell of a lot more. Trust me, do as many requests as you can, it'll broaden your artistic horizons and make your drawing skills level up!


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