Monday, September 28, 2009

"I mean WHAT's the deal with these bees?"

"Either they're eating honey or fucking flowers for more..."
That's the best fake Seinfeld joke I could come up with in 2 mins. Jerry, look me up for more...

And with that we can smoothly segue-way into this week's post. I've been slacking off on the art requests I've been doing so this week, instead of two requests, I'm giving you one crazy motherfucking visual eye rape!
Ok, I'm joking, its honestly not that crazy but I liked the idea. My friend Bianca told me to draw her something but being the annoying indecisive girl she is, she has no idea what she wants. So I came up with using her tattoos as inspiration to do something, plus an inside joke about an old Myspace name of hers being "Queen Bee" or some crap like that. Her tattoos are of a flowery vines with the #23, a dragon and japanese kanji character for the word "queen".
Enough explaining, on with the drawings!

This is the basic pencil outline.
The dragon looked horrible in the beginning.
...So did her boobs.

Ok, finished inked product.
I don't know whether I can really call her a Queen Bee.
But dammit, I liked doing this with no references.
At all!...ok just 1.
I hope I get the "Queen" part across with having the crown hover over her head and the lil bee minions following her. I mean, what bee wouldn't follow her, with a stinger like that ;) Some bee fan-service right there. "You're welcome bees. Now whenever you see my enemies, you know what to do..."
Next week's is my friend Eli's request and it'll be something silly to play around with...silly being the most innocent word I've probably used on this blog...a lil proud of that. OH! I attended Art club again this week and it made for some interesting poses but I ducked out early cuz of life responsibilities so I only had time for 3 poses and 1/5th of a face.

She stood still which is amazing to say, counts as a skill.
I feel I maybe shouldn't post the drawings of naked people on here but uh, I won't stop til someone says so. Let me know if its boring or whatnot. I prefer you be offended then bored. That's just me... Joking.

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Peace til next week,
Mike Suazo



    All the boys would have boners.

  2. Someone's confident. Heh

    Good stuff, Mike. I'll bet you're enjoying that "art club" alright. Is that what they're calling it these days? Eh? Eh?

    Nah, not bad, though. Update more often, man.

  3. Hey your getting better at drawing boobs!! Goood job!!! I like the floating crown on your queen bee even though her eyes look a bit crazed lol



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