Friday, January 15, 2010

Eight Bits of Nostalgia II

Finally back from Florida and damn was it cold! Not sarcasm, it was really fucking cold over there. The type of cold where you'll put your hands down your pants just be get warm thought I'd advise anyone who try this to not do it anywhere public, especially not near playgrounds.

New year, new stuff, new goals. But enough about those, let's finish the three parter my lack of internet did not allow me to finish! Now if you're a gamer and read the co-title, you know what's coming.

So first, the individual models:
You'd think people would stop dropping ruppees in the tall grass.
I hate getting hit by this, it looks like it shoots dry shit balls.

And the mute Hero of Time...
From the looks of the shield, his designer was Catholic. JESUS POWER!

These were all really fun models to work on but they were even funner to pair up together into a scene. I had to make a lil turd projectile but that's all to easy.

So here are the new backgrounds, part of my "18,888-Bit Sound" project. Hope you like them.

"You ARE the weakest Link, Goodbye!"
Watch out Link, piece of shit coming your way!

(800 x 600)
(1024 x 768)
(1280 x 1068)

So there it is, first post of the year. I'm finishing this 3-part post soon since I want to post up new stuff. Its crazy what I plan to do but for fun, I might start something new around here. Hopefully it'll work out.

Let me know what you think about this and whether you put it as your background, cuz thats like the artist version of making some hot chick scream my name during sex.



  1. Dude! Badass! I remember the first batch, but when did you make these ones?

  2. makes me excited to play 3d dot heroes when it comes to ps3

  3. Really Good. I liked it, keep goin' man!


  4. @Rafael- Thanks man and I WILL keep it going!

  5. Yeah, even nicer. Some Link bandz would (hy)rule, put them against the Köpa Silly Bands for an epic fight. Shouts from
    Sigh, the good times had with Zelda on NES 8bit..

  6. @Miskin- Lol yeah it was a fun game while it lasted. Some of these on bandz would look awesome. Just the 8-bit link by himself would be real nice. Let me know if you'd like to talk about that. I'll check out your site too!

  7. @Luis- Thanks man, hopefully maybe this'll become your wallpaper for a lil bit.

  8. Awesome 8-bit art man! I hope we see more! You GOTTA do a Metroid one or maybe even Kid Icarus.


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