Monday, September 27, 2010

SavePoints: Interview Cheatcode

Voting's Closed!

So this was a good weekend, no wonder I didn't post til today, which was a lil irritating but worth the time I used to relax. Finally played some PS3, I've had it set up in my room since like 3 weeks ago but now I actually made time to play. I swear, I need to spend more time in my room but its just so damn far from everywhere else on campus. Ah well.

I hope you're enjoying where the story's going and actually help me out, every week, I wanna see more and more votes so tell your friends, family and random people on the street is cool too( its a great ice-breaker). So far, this is going great and thanks to everyone who's voting so if you're not DAMN YOU!...want to get un-damned? Vote!

Current Obsession
This series is AWESOME!

I don't know if you've ever heard of this show(you've better have...) but its so F'ING good. It's witty, scary, interesting, dramatic and a whole bunch of other cool adjectives. Its about two demon hunter brothers hell bent(pun) on following in their father's footsteps and helping people in need, including finding out about their own personal journey.

I'm catching up on Season 5 and really, I can't stop watching. It's another reason why the comic was up late but dammit, I wait a whole year just to watch the episodes in a batch so you can't blame me for going on a episode-watching binge. If you haven't seen it, CHECK IT OUT! SERIOUSLY.

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  1. I'm with you on Supernatural - too bad season 6 only starts next year in SA - but that's what the Internet is for!!!!! :D

    Still loving your blog and VOTING!! <-- If you read that, way too quickly than is needed, it looks like vomiting???
    HAHA anyway enjoy life!! :D

  2. I know it's been a long time; haven't had the internet. Thanks for the complements! Where have you been? Haven't seen you in a while. Do you still work at the museum?

  3. I voted "A" twice! Is that cheating?? Haha!

    I haven't seen a single episode of Supernatural though 2 of my bloggy friends recommend it to me. Actually, you're the 3rd blogger that I know who says it's really good. I should really start watching it, shouldn't I?

  4. @Splashy- Lol i tried and you're right, it totally looks like vommitting. One time I ordered a drink that I thought cost $3 cuz the guy had said "three dollar red vodka" but what he actually said was three olive red vodka...the drink was $10. :( Thanks for voting!

    @Gracesix- I've been in school, finishing up my last year and then its onto killing myself trying to pay back loans...yikes. I stopped going when I tried to get a job in RI but it didn't work out so I never went back. How about you, find a good job yet?

    @Gnetch- Lol yeah that's cheating but it's cool, seems like there's a definite winner. HELL YEA you should start watching it. Why aren't you watching it right now? GO!

  5. No on the great job just yet, but I've been putting my portfolio together to shop around freelance recruiters; wish me luck. The museum's been closed because we're putting up a new exhibit. You can still come back; there are no set schedules, so you probably can.

  6. Mmkay,I voted! :) A, man! A! :)) So, I watched the season premiere of Supernatural with my fiancé and it was indeed, the bomb! lol. I get why you're so obsessed but this is the last season! :(

    Congratulations on resurrecting your PS3 gaming! :)) Try Mafia 2 on the XBOX 360. It was good but the ending was a cliff hanger. I was like, "Seriously? There is another scene, right?" I was talking that way until half the credits rolled on. :))

  7. hey i vote you..i guess not in undammed position haha...

    it"s been long for me not played ps3 almost month now..hope you enjoying that gadget..its cool

    about supernatural..not time..busy.busyy


  8. Hey Suazo! :)) Waddup waddup! lol.

    I gave you an award on my blog so check it out when you have the time! ;)


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