Wednesday, November 11, 2009

(W&W #1) Swords: Why Videogames Are Awesome.

YO! Schools hectic like usual, wish I had more time to play videogames but woe is me... So yeah, here's to the start of an installment Im starting now by hitting Start on the Start Machine... START!
This is about the 3D stuff I make. Maybe I should make a better name for these posts but really, I'm just going to make weapons and maybe some models so here it is:

Weapons & Wielders

It might have come to me from Dungeon & Dragons (The double D's... :D) but fuck it, ideas are stolen all the time.

Anyways, I've been making nothing but swords lately using 3D Studio Max which is a bad mama jama of a program (that term is still cool right?). So what sword do you think I tried first? The fucking buster sword from Final Fantasy VII. I just started using this program so I obviously did the easy one from the game but I definitely went through alot of different versions. Check it:

Buster Sword

Yeah...this was my first try at it.
Looks like a metal ice cream bar with gum drops.

This is trying to make the materia look clearer and giving the blade a metal sharp look.
Kind of looks like the sword is having an acid trip.

This is it looking more like a sword.
The edge looks like they're uneven, like metal stairs.

This is the finished product.
I intend to add onto it but this is a finished rough draft :D

So there's one sword out of the way. "What?! You got another sword?" Why yeah, thanks for asking person I asked to type this so it doesn't leak out that I'm crazy(my other personality would hate that...) That one I'll keep for saturday! Womp womp womp. If I make these things too long, shit, I myself won't want to re-read it.

To close shop, all my info is on the right, follow me on Twitter, I try to make some funny comments so give it a look. Deviantart name is always looking for some new watchers and add me on myspace and facebook if you want to know me.
Til next time,
I'm Mike Suazo.
Go crazy! (not literally)


  1. Ah, so *this* is what you'll be updating with in these segments, huh? Shiny, 3D deserts? Me likey! Makes me... hungry! For more! Keep going, slave! D:<

  2. I think you should draw me in 3D. That would be cool, right?

  3. I knew I noticed that FF8 chain hanging from your neck two years ago. Great stuff Mike. Think you should try the Ultima Weapon, or I always enjoyed the look of any of Yuffie's stuff.


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