Friday, October 30, 2009

Why Are We Scared of Heights?

Because the high-ate-us.
Now that's a horrible way of saying sorry for being on hiatus.
(in case you didn't get it.)

I've been dealing with school, life and some martial arts training
(yeah, I do it)
and have
been low on downtime between watching stuff to keep my sanity.

But yeah, I haven't gotten my hands on a scanner but I'm definitely going to this weekend and will post up some stuff next week of my drawings. But of course I wont leave without actually posting some stuff up. I know as soon as you look at this, you'll know I'm obsessed.

I've been working with 3D Studio Max, a 3D animating and creating software. It's pretty cool, though took some getting used to. I mean, fucking Infinity Ward (designers of Call Of Duty games) make their games using this, so it ain't your mom and dad's email accounts, you get me? So here's the first thing I made seriously...
This is the first draft I did of the Ninguin. Honestly, its a hard program to do from a 2d drawing so cut me some slack. Lol, I know it very little resembles the original version (link here) but I tried. I refined it a lil, worked on the flippers especially. Oh, I also added makeshift sais.
Yeah, Im fucking obsessed and you're prob tired of seeing this guy by now but I couldn't help but try. And then came my favorite...

Yeah, it was basically it at this point, feathers are hard to animate, even worse to try and make move. I like this stuff so I'm trying to get better at it.
Wings are fucking hard to do, especially ones supposed to be holding a sword. And eyes are hard too but I like the sinister-osity (I create words out of nothing, I'm word God) of his eyes.
What I most like is his feathers on his head or "hair" that I tried to make look as best I could as Cloud's hair from Final Fantasy VII.

I'm working on the buster sword now, since I love that sword. I'll keep you guys posted. This was just something to wet your appetite while I get a nice two part blog going. I swear it'll be interesting. Oh! You wont be seeing these guys on the blog again, im tired of showing them and you must hate seeing them by now. IF I do an animation with them, then maybe...

Anyways, all my info's on the side, follow me,add me, comment if you'd like. I always appreciate some constructive criticism.
Time to get serious about al the projects I have in store for this and for life...which will prob make their appearance here anyway. Til next,


  1. I think your Chocobo might have a serious brain tumor. I mean, look at that thing!

    Nah, it's all good. Keep the posts up for once though, dude! You'll need to pick up the slack while I'm not updating *my* blog.

  2. very impressive stuff. just wait til my next post- I'm going to try to match you!

  3. That's pretty awesome son.

    Also, update more -_-.

    Also, also, I got the hiatus joke. It was silly.


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