Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Eight Bits of Nostalgia I

No posts? College, thats my excuse.
New stuff to post?College, thats my push... to not fail.

So hey, wasup, I'm back. I've been working on some really cool 3D stuff. Apparently I can print stuff out too which is pretty bad ass. Yeah, 3D printing is possible. No, I did not print out a peniscat, but damn if I'm not thinking about doing it now... I had to do a collaboration project and I chose to make 8 bit models in 3D.

Check this out!
This is a cloud. It is also a text box. It can also be a clown's bumpy mouth, if you're drunk enough.
Yeah, I guess its kinda phallic. Very tip-of-penis looking. Makes me wonder why Mario jumps on them...

I wonder why no one hasn't made a cigarette look like this. I'd smoke it, just for the look.
The Godfather of the 8-Bit world. He jumps bombs, turtles, bullets, yeah, he's a regular asshole. They're just minding their own business, walking from side to side, and you decide to kill them. Pfft, nothing but a murderer to me.

And for those who want a combo, I made some backgrounds. I think they're pretty sweet, since I made them and all. But let me know what you think.


Let me know what you think about these. Got two more on the way so dread their coming/look forward to that. All my stuff is on the side, so check that out too.

Oh, by the way, pretty happy to see I broke 1,000 page views. I know its not much but I'm feeling pretty cool about it. Wish I saw more comments though! Start commenting passers-by!

Peniscat was in my school newspaper!


  1. Yay for PenisCat being on the mews! (see what I did there?)

  2. nice work, your best so far

  3. i do cartoons in my school paper i dont mean to brag but i think theyre really good and if it wasn't based on my school mascot i would put it on my blog lol thats wierd ur a northern person all the way in new york and im a southern dude in atlanta, georgia lol

  4. Funny to hear 8Supernits. I'm pretty sure that it takes a certain kind of college to let a cartoonist draw a peniscat and then actually print it. My college is super liberal like that lol.
    You should totally posts those drawing too, just explain the inside joke so everyone can...be inside I guess.

  5. funny, i didn`t realise until now that some people actually like to do this kind of stuff...is very cool :X...i also like to draw..but not like this:X nice :)

  6. @ஜ°••ஜp!tyka` ஜ••ºஜ- Lol, it was for a class and I really liked the idea of making this. I might like videogames too much :D. Not that its a bad thing, at least I hope not.

  7. I think the 8-bits are very cool. You should design some silly bands for us. Like whathisface in Mario, Köpa Silly Bands lol @ www.bandz.se

  8. @Miskin- Yeah definitely, just let me know, my contact information is in the "Contact me" section tab at the top. I went to your site but I can't read anything on it, sorry.


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