Wednesday, May 6, 2009

GunDAMN Its Been a While...:D

Took me all of 2 minutes to come up with that title. Little foreshadowing and a little sexual like? I like.

Anyways, very sorry for that brief intermission. Shit, you'd think with breaks like that I'd be a big celebrity who could afford to take them. Nope, just a college student and right now, things are hectic. Finals are here, did one today and I was pretty content with it but what do you care, you're here for the drawing of the stuff that my blog dictates me to do (he's holding me hostage! someone...)

Back on track with the art commissions. This week, or better yet, for the past few weeks, I've been steadily working on my best friend's request. Now, if it wasn't for that title he has(OMG! BFF), I would've shut his request down without a second thought. Well, there would've been a second thought but it would've been more about violence against the requester. He asked for (like you couldn't guess) a Gundam...a fucking Gundam.(I might have to start watching my language, my grandmother hates seeing me write curses on this thing...she has to stop reding them then :D)

Those things are annoyingly tedious and I have always hated the idea of drawing something too complicated but I gave it a shot and honestly, I don't ever see myself doing one again unless they make Gundams cyborgs and that just sounds dumb so yeah, never again...unless for money. I even decided on doing Gundam Wing only because I remember picking only that character in the SNES (Super Nintendo) Gundam games and yeah, he's even harder.
I started out with a simple (yeah right) out line. Not bad took me all of 5 hours to finish it but yeah, simple...

Then I worked on school, tried not to fail anything, videos here and there and then finally did the outline in Photoshop and that took annoyingly long as well. So many lines I swear I was happy when I finished half, just so I could sleep. See?

Then after that gruesome part wa done, I felt ALOT better. Coloring was a process but it was easy enough to do. There's alot of parts to making the colors seem right and I wanted it to look a little better and to further my understanding of Photoshop so I started using the gradient tool. Nifty little thing and helped out.

I know, I know, the sword looks weird but I wanted it a little tipped and uh, yeah. I might re-touch it a little but I seriously don't want to look at this file for a while. Since it had been a while, I did a quick background that I think seems appropriate so stop teasing me... :(

There you have it. Wow, it feels great to have something new up. I had been coming back to the blog every now and then and expected to see an update from myself. A crazy idea but if it happened, then who was crazy to begin with? NOT ME!...he he.

BIG UPDATE: I started, get this: A PODCAST with my good friend Peter Sciacca called Tangent Combo. We did it a couple weeks back and only have one so far but I want to hear your thoughts. You can subscribe to it using a small button in the page so you can listen to it on "the go"(I just think its cliche to say that and wouldn't be surprised it was copyrighted byt Go-Gurt or something)
Here's the link: Tangent Combo

If you want to talk to me or e-mail me about something, I posted my e-mail on my profile and all my social networking stuff is on the sidebar...(this is a sidebar mom)--->
Follow me on Twitter if you'd like too. I may not update every hour but when I do, you best believe its going to be...kinda ok, good at best. Jk. I try to be funny, you decide if I am.


  1. Nice, I like it.
    Told you had I nothing witty to say.

  2. You spelled "to" wrong "Those things are annoyingly tedious and I have always hated the idea of drawing something 'to' complicated..." but anyways, great drawing :)

  3. It's been a whiiiile!

    Grammar Nazis, huh? Sometimes I'm ashamed to be one. Don't listen to them, dude - you're the artist - I'M the writer (and don't you FORGET it).

    Great picture, though. You definitely put the work into it.

    Also, I've been sent on behalf of Go-Gurt to sue you for copyright infringement.

  4. Dont say i never gave you anything! I read all of them. I like the drawings they are all good, but of course my favorite one is the vulpix. This one is well drawn but its still the ugliest character. You did a great job on it, made it tolerable to look at. :)

  5. I hate posing comments on my own blog but listen:I honestly want to know who the two anonymous posts are from. Leave your name after you post people!


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