Monday, April 20, 2009


Hey wasup? I got way hammered this weekend. Tip: Liquor impedes ability to heal. Fact: My pinky reswolled up for a few hours. How weird and scary was that?!...Not too much. I'm here to announce something pretty cool and interesting and artistic. I know, not my usual post but there will be a more normal one soon but I really like this artist so bear with me.

I took an Intro to Drawing class at the "prestigious school, SUNY Purchase" (inside joke:this is how the school was referred to in a Wikipedia entry about Zoey Kravitz who left after a year) and found it very helpful. The point is, my teacher's name was Karen Ruenitz (cool last name since there's so many ways to pronounce it wrong but back to the point) and she, I found out, is a graduate student herself which is cool. She's doing an exhibition here in

which is cooler, from:

Karen Ruenitz

School Of Art & Design
MFA Graduation Exhibition '09

Cool Handout.

On View from April 20th (Right now!) til April 24th.
Reception will be held April 23rd from 5-7pm.

I don't announce people's events so you best believe she's good. She did her work on easily breakable paper because she said how she would want something she worked so hard to be seen and then be gone since thats how she sees art to be. In other words,She's bad-ass.
Check her stuff out, I got some of the goods on her work, peep it if you so desire.

They're all human-sized silhouette like figures with a twist. I'm not going to reveal too much since these pics themselves are of non finished works so def go check it out. Karen's a great artist with an affection for drawing herself wearing Addidas (hoping for a sneaker deal? jk) and has a love for fashion. She's teaching now in FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology for non-Googlers) so there's your credentials right there!

I'm too scared to draw something for many hours and then know it won't last. Guess I haven't achieved that level of appreciation for the ART concept.(I keep EVERYTHING). Til next. Expect something annoyingly difficult from me in about 2 days or less.
Art Away!


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