Sunday, June 28, 2009

Floridian Update Explosion! Part I

Yo baby, easy!...No teeth!
And with that head joke, Welcome Back!
Hello readers, or whoever is still keeping tabs on this. I'm sorry for not updating for a while now but I've been spending some time with the family, I see them twice a year so they get jealous with my time more than a porn star's conservative husband.

I've been working hard on improving my anatomy as you can tell from looking at this:
I'm a little obsessed...

Been doing some art requests but haven't wanted to submit it for fear of it sucking hard. But yeah, I tried to do some concept art for a friend of mine, Peter Sciacca, of main characters of his story "PsychopomP" (Check Peter Sciacca's Psychopomp for details.)

He didn't like the school girl look. :(
I know his left sneaker looks weird ok?! Its a process!

I did some Warcraft drawing too. Just my Night Elf Hunter about to shoot an arrow. No worries, I got that Blizzard monkey off my back and while thinking of some creatures, I made up one of my own. Oh, and I drew a tiger I had, I like how he came out but I need to work on animal anatomy.

For the WoW Fans...the girls...who am I kidding?
Creature needs to lay off the beers.

I honestly have stopped lately with the art requests just because I wanted to do some anatomy training. What do I listen to relax after a long day? Death Metal. I know it seemed obvious but I thought I should type it...and what I really have been watching is some Whose Line Is It Anyway. Damn show picks me up when I'm down.

But anyway, I'm getting back to practicing and doing art requests. I'll try to finish the next installment of this Art commission next time, but you know, I might get punched out by Tyson for one reason or another (oh that Tyson, him and his chewing habits). Crazy shit coming and I feel inspired so hopefully this lasts...for a few years.

Let me know what you think by posting a comment and check me out on whatever link you want to contact me on the sidebar.


  1. Your anatomy drawings are getting better. i dont like the school girl either she looks boring. His left foot looks like he doing a ballerina tippy toe thing lol lol loved the starting joke!

  2. You do seem to be improving with your anatomy, dude. That's good to see. Sorry that I kind of beat you to the punch with that concept art. ^ ^;

    I especially like that Night elf picture - looks really good.

    Also... 300 hits! Not bad, for having no updates! Let's get some more material up in here, Mr Artist!

    I kid - but really, update more often or that alligator WILL die.

  3. pretty cool! glad to see you're keeping at it over the summer.

  4. u should stop hiding the hands. You're not going to get better at them by avoiding them.

  5. Anonymous 1- Lol Yeah i know I should be getting better at legs, I just need to get a better perspective on how they normally look. Lately I've been randomly looking at people's legs to learn from them...I may get my ass kicked soon.

    SB- Lol, yeah Ill def try to update more often, its just hard since I'm on the move constantly and trying to situate myself. I'm still drawing though and I will finish your remaining 4 character profiles.

    Mattson- Thanks, looking forward to checking out some of your films on DVD. I'll try to keep at it more often.

    Anonymous 2- I know, trust me, I know. I want my poses to look less awkward but I tend to stand awkwardly myself when posing. Thanks, I'll work on it.

  6. @ஜ°••ஜp!tyka` ஜ••ºஜ- Thanks, glad ya liked it.


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