Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mike Suazo's Back!

Like the subject said, boom baby(South Park), I'm back.
I finally did something in my drawings I've felt I've been missing. "Good art?" you say? Fuck you then...Ok, ok, maybe I'm not all that good but hey, I'm better than most of your fathers are at pleasing your mothers...metaphorically that is...yeah. It was using Photoshop more btw.
So anyways, here Diego, I finally finished your birthday present. I'm not going to drag out this paragraph any longer because it would make no sense to keep my brother waiting any longer, my brother who has waited a long time for me to complete this drawing, this drawing that took me a while (if you're still reading this, thank you for not skipping to the drawings.)

This one you've seen if you saw the crappy video I posted just the other week. It's Tails. I did something new though. Instead of cleaning up the picture, i actually did the line art using Photoshop. I'm doing that from now on. See why?
It's just cleaner. So I colored it up, through up a background! (Omg!) It was just easier to do it in Photoshop. I haven't even colored the sketch yet since I wanted this to come out as good and clear as I wanted to, since my brother's getting impatient after only 6 months of waiting (grimy bastard...jk, he's 10.) Ta dah! 

Nothing special but I won't lie, i really like how it came out. I know I could've refined some points but I wanted to keep it simple as well.

This week I'm going to continue the idea of Photoshopping unless someone tells me they would want to see the colored sketch version, then I'll do that as well. But you got to tell me. Or else, how the hell will my brother ever get his drawing? (I'm joking Diego, you'll get it... as long as you send me  your allowance for the last 6 months you've been waiting like we agreed...  :D)
Oh! And here's the photoshopped Ninguin (penguin ninja).
I know some of you might like the colors while the rest of you could just "suck my balls"(*1)....
Hey, if you pass by, leave me a comment. I'd like to know at least someone reads this and get some feedback. Only if its supreme praise though...ok, you can comment normally too. 
Shout out to Donna, my hip hop soulmate.

*1. Present your comment in an organized and critic-like manner.


  1. Miiiiike.

    Tails is my favorite Sonic character so bravo!

  2. Love it...the pic brings back memories of playing and losing Sonic games on my computer when I was little lol

    Where is my damn drawing! lol

  3. ROFL @ the Socrates comment.
    He KINDA looks like a rapist. Sort of.

    And I won't ask you to buy me an alcohol, I expect you to do it *nudge nudge*, whaddaya say? :D


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