Thursday, February 5, 2009

First Post!! Woot! Wait... this is MY blog.

Hey,name's Mike and welcome to my blog I so aptly named "I Draw Stuff". I'm going to be talking about, you guessed it, nuclear physics...or drawing stuff. I'm a SUNY Purchase student, New Media major (meaning anything artistic with computers) and I like to draw things in my spare time that I can't use for my portfolio so yeah, I like to waste time.

This is something I recently drew for my door. Why draw something for the door? Because the girls in front of my dorm room drew something and started an ART WAR!...They don't know about it yet but that just means me and my roomate are winning. My roomate decided to draw two Nintendo characters, a Boo and a red mushroom. I decided to go for a Final Fantasy character: A chocobo wielding a buster sword (FFAC version) and threw in a little Naruto inspired eyes...
Here's my inked drawing.

I used a .25mm line width black Micron since its the only pen I have skinnier than a sharpie.
Here's a little of the colored drawing.

I used sharpies for most of it but added some coloring pencils for the borders as to not screw the inking up.

Here's the finished product.

Used color pencils for shading and light spots. Added a little scarf for, i don't know, cool scarf action? Anyways, that's it for today. Check every now and then to see what I'm drawing up here at SUNY Purchase.


  1. Great stuff and good luck with the blog! Hopefully you won't give up like I did haha

    Keep it up Latin Fire! lol

  2. fucking final fantasy! it's always the best!

  3. what a cool chicken !!! lol

    nice drawing ;)

  4. my girlfriend knew that this was from final fantasy before i did, which caused me some shame...

  5. Hey, thanks for reading. I tried to figure out how to comment you back directly but got frustrated. Doing it here works just the same. I'm probably the worst proof reader so yeah, the typeos get by. I'll definitely look over it again though. Glad I got you interested.

  6. Not into comics, but NICE WORK:) I am a retired VERY OLD lady and have made myself keep busy with writing poems (see Private Thought in Rhyme), Self taught Paintings, Oil, Acrylic and Watercolor. But am also writing the story of my life....My paintings are on FB Peggy Ayers, my blog is P. (Brown) Ayers on blogspotcom. Would love to hear your comments:)

  7. Thanks P. Brown for stopping by, Ill go check you out then!

  8. hahah lol, sharingan chocobo!!!

  9. @Perik022- Sometimes you just gotta draw a sharingan chocobo, you get me? Lol, thanks for coming through.


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