Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Been Busy...Hey Look! A Shot Glass!...With a candle!

Cheers! I hate that show.
Beyond! Ok, that's just to show my support of the IGN Podcast known as Beyond! They are hilarious, give it a check sometime, pretty easy to find them on Itunes, plus, download for free. "HE LYING?!" "NO HE AINT! HMPH!"...Who were those girls? You know them?
Anyways, I turned 21 over the hiatus. It was a very good time, I don't understand how people say they can't remember their 21st birthdays, I remember it perfectly. I remember I tripped alot...on nothing, weird how that that happens. I haven't updated in a while is because of college. I'd like to say it was because I was playing videogames but whoever reads my Twitter knows that isn't true...entirely. I was working on a portfolio website so I can continue to being a big boy ( we have shirts) in New Media (my major) dear lord (my savior...psyche).
So I was forced...*really wanted to* photoshop the pictures I've drawn before, all except for Surfing Echidna, I might do him but I know I'll have to take my time with him, nurture him, caress him...mmhm, handcuffs. OH! Whoops...heh. So yeah, I promised I would post them up when I did but for fun and giggles, I'll post one up today and the other further along the week.

For better or worse, I made his eyes more normal to give him a more friendly "Im going to FUCKING murder you." kind of look. Isn't he adorable? More soon to come.
If you want to see my website, send me an electronic mail message, I just heard about it, crazy things their doing with computers. Check my profile, my e-mails bound to be somewhere there, and read the stuff on there, you never know what we might have in common, like, I like long walks on the concrete pavement and talking all class long but I'm a romantic like that.
Oh, and yeah, I finished the main outline for my brother's birthday, I'm right on time, if this was 6 months ago...I appreciate him. Check it as well:

I will photoshop this like crazy for my brother. I did a quick run through but i have to clean the image alot. I might start drawing from scratch on Photoshop and cut out the middle man (middle man being my roomate who scans them for me. Props to Peter). Homework time. Let me know what you think, ight?
-See Ya

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  1. That Chocobo...

    His eyes...

    He's telling me to do things...

    Horrible things...

    GET AWAY!!!


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