Saturday, April 11, 2009

Po-Ke- Mon!

Wasup viewers, all 18 of you (much less than that im sure...sigh). I was told a few weeks ago by my girlfriend (yes girls, I'm taken and yes boys, I'm straight) to do a vulpix for her. Naturally its simple enough to draw a pokemon but then, if you know women, they tend to get more demanding. This is how her demands went.
1.Draw me a Vulpix, its my favorite.
2. Put like a forest background.
3. I want lillies in it.
4. Add something else too, don't make it so plain.
....yeah, she was very considerate with her demands(accent on this word!...jk)
So yeah, here's the raw version of the vulpix:

I kept it simple, I figured a sitting down pose was serene enough. I might post the actual paper line art if you want but I'm using Photoshop from now on until I hear someone complain.Here's the line art:

I liked how it was coming out, its kinda annoying to color a vulpix though, I thought it was pink and purple mixed but it took me a few minutes to find the right blend. Colored version go!:

Alright, here's where it gets fucking tricky and time consuming. This is the background I did after the first hour:

It took me a while to get it done just because the shadows weren't looking right, the trees weren't the right color, etc etcetera(no one spells it anymore). So yeah, then I knew I had to add the flowers which are annoying to draw small and decided to do the simplest thing to make the picture come together. *Ahem* "Now tell me, WHO'S THAT POKEMON?!"

"IT'S ANOTHER VULPIX!" Bet you didn't see that one coming. I noticed that no matter what I did, both Vulpix look female. So this is a kind of secret one sided lesbian crush one has for the other. Maybe they'll get together but they'll never get married, not while those opposite sex marriage laws stay in effect. C'mon Obama, make this Vulpix dreams come true.

Now that my insane non-sensical rant is over, enjoy the post. I'd like to hear about what you guys and gals think about the background and picture altogether. You know the drill and if you don't, Myspace, Twitter and Facebook on the sidebar under my summary.Drop me a line to my email if you want too:
I'm off now...on the road...

to Viridian Cityyyyy.


  1. Okay, man, this is getting out of hand. First Tails, now Vulpix. What's up with you making sketches of my favorite character?! I think your back stories are BS and these picture were actually drawn for me.

    ...Just kidding! Maybe.

    PS-- what's your twitter account?

  2. Characters*, plural.

  3. cool stuff, man. like the layering from start to finish.


    then you can print it out for me and i'll hang it on my wall. no joke!

  5. Nice!!! Love the lesbian tryst comment, risque, but amusing.


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