Saturday, September 11, 2010

SavePoints: Deep Gaming Thought

(Click to enlarge!)

You Choose!
Surprise! This is what SavePoints has been leading up to. I've always wanted to make an interactive story, doing it with comics is even better. I leave it up to you readers to choose Alex's fate. It's a little scary for me considering that he's one of my first characters I've ever really drawn (plus people say he looks like me...I don't see it). 
Voting's Closed!

This is pretty important since I'm making it my senior project to graduate!
I don't think its a bad idea, I just gotta make sure I don't put horrible choices up.

Good example of what I won't do.
(I'd go to Silent Hill btw. Hot girls in nurse outfits all running after me. :D)

So get to voting! I'm counting on you readers.
I'm basically being your drawing b!+c#
I'm cool with that.

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  1. A! Lets see what you come up with next! :)

  2. A!!! Try to remember what happened!!! Of course, I'd like to know what happened! :D

  3. B! Let's get to the action! :D

    Good stuff, man.

    However, I'd personally use that last panel for saying something else, seeing as the vote option is listed immediately after.

  4. it"s on you my whatever what your mind says..

    between wish you luck for the project..


  5. Don't know what to say can't read the last panel even though I enlarged it....

  6. @Toni- Lol I'll come up with something alright! Try voting through the poll (if you didnt that is) so I can tally these votes up easier. Thanks!

    @Lostdvd- Thanks, appreciate it.

    @Gnetch- I see A is becoming the popular decision. Let's see who wins in the end.

    @SB- You're the minority among everyone so far. Maybe B will come with a behind-the-back win?

    @Nelisha- Its an interactive story type project so that why I'd like you(the readers) to tell me what YOU want, get me? Thanks for the luck!

    @8Supernits- After clicking the image to enlarge it again, the browser will just fit it to the window. You gotta click the image again to really zoom in. Or if you're using XP, then when you hover over it with your mouse, a lil button appears, click the button and that zooms you into the original size. Trust me, it'll work! Thanks for passing through.

  7. I love this! Can't wait to see the outcome!!
    Thanks for 'including' your audience. Fun!

  8. Oh silly me! I just did that. :)) Looks like it's an A! I'm going to tag you on a post tomorrow. You might not do it but I feel like tagging you anyway.

    See ya around, Mike!

  9. @Toni- Thanks! Looks like A won by a landslide. I'll definitely keep a look out for that tag, didn't see it but I'll check it out tomorrow.

    Hadn't checked this in a few days, been busy with college and all that nonsense.

    Hope you're doing good and I'll definitely tag you in a future post, I really like your blog. :D

  10. I finally tagged you! I saw your comment. Are you okay with answering those questions?

    See ya, Mike! Tell me when you decide to do it! :)


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