Friday, September 18, 2009

And Boom Goes the Dynamite.

Say hello to Peniscat :D
I finally got a routine worked out just for the blog and H.W. so this is going to get updated like crazy. I'm also planning to give the blog look a facelift, a tummy tuck and maybe some collagen injections, if I can afford it.
I've been drawing a lot seeing as how some classes are incredibly boring and notes are just not better than doodles. I haven't even bought a notebook, though I got to buy a new sketchbook, mine has like 4 pages left. (close to finishing one for the first time!)
Joined the Art club, should definitely help me out with my anatomy. Club has nude models pose and so we draw them. First meeting surprised the crap outta me seeing as how I'm eating a sandwich and SURPRISE! the girl gets naked right next to me.
Got some cool sketches down, def going again.

I confused her star of David tattoo for two triangles doing 69...

And finally, to finish up on Peter Sciacca's remaining two characters. I got way into thinking how they should really look, getting into their heads, safe to say I'm crazy for looking too much into doing character profiles. Here's Julia and Simon.

She's totally grown-up cuz she smokes...hardcore!

Might be too metro for a hippie character.

Oh and here's a random boy I did at my friend's place...which I'm now banned from since girls get touchy whenever they come back to their room and you're going through their panties. Jk. They don't like guys in their rooms, apparently they're scared I'm going to leak testosterone on them and make them manly...-er.

He looks confused about why there's kinda a fireball in his hand...

I'm doing the two remaining art requests I have left for Eli and Bianca next Friday so def come back for that. Some funny and fucked up ideas for it >:D All my info is on the right and I'm pretty hyped to start drawing regularly and I'll post up some class doodes as well, just for class related fun.
Peace til Friday.


  1. Peniscat. Really. Peniscat. *That's* the big secret. Really.

    This is the worst post you've ever made. And the best.

  2. Does the club pay the nude models? Lol...

  3. Um...what is up with the stars of david on the naked women? That's incredibly disrespectful.

  4. Hey Anonymous person,
    the star of David i drew is what the model herself has tattooed on her body.

  5. she might grow a mustache! lol

  6. Ohh i get it Penis cat cuz he has a penis on his face haha. Nah lemme stop lol, interesting ideas you have man. How do you come up with stuff like that if i may ask? Thats awesome next time im over there let me sit in on one of those art classes so i can release my artist within ;). Get it? Its another penis joke... Ah forget it lol.


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