Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Final Face-I-Want-to-See

It sounds like Fantasy! Get it....  :(

(Click to Enlarge)
Vivi's Hidden Limit Break

This is a long overdue request for my friend Hairo who apparently really likes Final Fantasy IX and honestly, its the only one I never finished but might check out since it recently came out on the PlayStation Network.

I didn't do my usual highlighting but that's so annoying to do and this was simple enough. I'm kinda weirded outabout doing a horizontal comic, its not my usual thing so if you think it'd look better vertical, let me know and I'll change it ASAP.

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  1. I like the look of Vivi a lot, cool name too, and the hat is a great touch - you are super talented - keep it up!

  2. I like this a lot - your blog caught my eye on the 'Blog of Note'. I recently purchased FFIX on the PSN and, years after having first played and loved it, I don't think it's lost any of it's shine. I just found it very ironic to see this image pop up! Good job, I particularly like the way you've rendered the backgrounds.

  3. Yeah, that why I made this comic since I heard about the PSN release. Yeah I gotta actually get better at backgrounds, I mostly love drawing the characters but its definitely a major skill to polish. I'm glad you liked it :D

  4. hello mike,mi name is lili,your blogs beutiful,your brasil

  5. I love it! Youre really good.

  6. Saludos..... Dejeme decirle que su blog esta espectacular, tiene muy buenos artículos y son muy entendibles, ah! por cierto le felicito por el blog y continue de esa manera contribuyendo con información útil para los visitantes, voy a continuar navenagdo por su blog y le visitare en otras ocasiones. :):):):):):) La entrada ha resultado muy interesante y entrenida, me he quedado un buen rato leyendola, me despido de usted y hasta la proxima oportunidad.

  7. @RC- Gracias, aprecio mucho la venida y espero que te agrado lo que yo hago. Pasa por aqui cuando quieras, estoy planeando tener esto corriendo por un buen tiempo!

  8. FFIX is one of my favorite FF's (right next to FFVIII, I know ..I'm in the minority) Great comic, guy! Keep it up

  9. @Robert- Lol no man, I really loved VIII, Gunblades, whats not to love. (Hated the card game since I'm a sore loser). Thanks for coming through, hope you make it a habit :D


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