Friday, August 20, 2010

My Blog's Been Whaa?

If this is your first time here, then you probably already know that today, I was made Blog of Note!

Let me let you know what I'm about so you're not disoriented and get eaten by the internet. I'm a wanna-be artist who draws comics, illustrations, art requests (wink wink) and talk shop (that's Hollywood for "Talk Crap"). I love drawing videogame comics and just about anything to do with videogames and anime so if you have a favorite character, you'll probably see them here at one time or another!

These are SOME of what I've Done!
(Don't be Scared to Click the Images!)

3D Work!

VideoGame Comics!

Illustrations and Art Requests!

Now I could act like this Blog of Note is no biggie smalls and just brush it off but I'm not dumb! 
This is super special awesome! So thank you wise people of Blogger for giving me this honor. 
I do not know you but here is a virtual high-five!


End thought!
In the end, I'm just a guy who really enjoys drawing and entertaining whoever I can with whatever drawing I do, comment I make and art request I take. I hope you'll come along with me and follow what I do, it's gonna be a pretty interesting ride, hop along for it. Just watch where you step, there's gum everywhere.
The Follow Box is Stage Right -->

If you'd like to e-mail me about ANYTHING, you can do so here:


And add me on your PSN too!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Congratulations on being a Blogger of note. Talent will surely out!

    Blessings and bliss

  2. Thanks Miss Eagle, really appreciate it.

  3. Really talented. Not often you see people who can excel in both 2D & 3D! Naaaaiiiiice x

  4. Thanks Kelly! I don't know about if I excel, I still need to learn loads!

  5. Hey! Congrats on getting Blog of Note! I knew it'd happen for you soon enough! :-)

    Keep up the good work!

  6. @Chacha- Thanks! I try.

    @Sarah Thomas- Thanks! I'll try to keep it up!

  7. LMAO at that stupid kitty thing. I never find those funny but that was totally appropriate within context. CONGRATULATIONS! :) On the Blog of Note.

  8. Lol Thanks Anna! I thought it was appropriate as well.

    Btw, Everyone, feel free to follow me btw!

  9. Congrats on being named a Blog of Note. It's a wild ride! Make sure you enjoy it!

    By the way, I love your work. You have a lot of talent and you're quite a good artist. I'll be stopping by on a regular basis.

    My Blog: The Virtual Sink

  10. @Anonymous Thanks!

    @TommyMac I'm definitely enjoying it! Thanks, I hope to entertain you with my drawings :D.

  11. Those are SO COOL!!!!
    I love them!!

    In the words of The Terminator - "I'll be back.".


  12. Holla! lol.

    Congratulations on being a Blogger of Note! Is the pressure of satisfying your readers sinking in yet? :P

    You should draw Jigoku Shoujo! She's the best female anime out there. Completely kawaii - in a creepy kind of way. :)

  13. congrats onmaking the status of "blogs of note"

  14. Congrats! I'm happy that you were chosen as a Blog of Note!

  15. Hi Mike. Congrats on being blog of note. Hip Hip Hooray!! Your work is awesome! Keep pursuing your dreams and I'm 100 percent sure you will get where you want to be. Have a great weekend.

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  17. Hi =]...found you via Blogs of Note (congrats, by the way!). I've been looking around for new/interesting blogs (especially video game themed ones), so I'm now following you. Love your comics!

    - Tiff

  18. Congrats, fellow FRIDAY blogger of note. Enjoy the ride - cause it is REALLY fun. You deserve all the love you're getting.

  19. @Gabriele Augustini- Awesome! Thanks, I hope you'll be back but in the words of John Connor, "Don't kill me!" :D

    @Toni Tralala- Hell yeah the pressure's sinking in. Now I gotta be even cooler, wittier and draw more. Yesterday I spent all day drawing something just to post it, look forward to that since you're an anime fan. I'll check out Jigoku Shoujo, seems cool to watch and a cooler character to draw. :P

    @becca- Thanks! I like your blog, some cool poetry in there.

    @Ahab- Hey thanks, I'm happy I was chosen too.

    @Gloria- Wow, thanks Gloria, really appreciate the support and praise! And I WILL have a good weekend, first day's turning out to be pretty awesome.

    @Jet- Thanks Jet,stop by whenever you want!

    @The Tiff- Thanks, sounds like a good fit, glad to fill your need for videogame comics!

    @Holyoke Home- Thanks alot, I'll try to. It's really fun so far, I just hope it lasts.

    Man, those were alot of comments, keep'em coming! Thought my fingers may be tired from replying, this is great to read.

  20. Awesome Drawing! And congrats on the Blog of Note status!

  21. Comics? Did somebody say, "Comics"?
    Who knew Blogger could have such Great Taste?

    Darn right, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    One of the first comic blogs I've seen to win this award. Let's hope it won't be the last.

    And Dude, you're in the Big NYC! I post a lot of comic book bargains that I find in that area. Check this one; "".

    Ok maybe 36 crates of comic books for sale is a bit much. But I hope you will follow my blog "Comic Book Listings", as I will definitely be following yours.

    Bargain Hunter

  22. @Mike Being on there has perks and downfalls, eh? You're now the "anime go to guy" on blogger. ;) I can't wait to see that illustration! I'll keep my eyes peeled for that one! Hell Girl is awesome, yes. She's one of my favorites! <3 Some geezer decided to make a real life version of the show and bleeeh I didn't bother watching it. I'd draw her but I lack talent in that department. :))

  23. Got here randomly. Those 3d models are cool beyond words.

  24. @Anonymous- Thanks, they were such a pain to do too, glad you like them. :P

  25. congratulations!!!
    So you got a horrible traffic in your blog.

  26. what a cool cat..... nice pose.. i love it!

  27. @Comic Book Listings- Lol, thanks man, yeah I was super surprised too. Holy crap, 36 crates of comics? That's a beast amount of comics lol. I'll stick to buying singles for now but I'll definitely check out your blog, it looks pretty useful!

    @Toni- Oh c'mon, anyone can draw, just try it out, might come out with something cool to put on the fridge! I'd be happy to be the go-to guy, it's cool with me, as long as its not the go-to guy for like assasination, I'm no good at it.

    @Poderoso Coreano- Lol I prefer to call it wonderful traffic. :P

    @Gerard- Good comment :D

    @kodzan- Lol, I didn't draw or pose the cat nor did I add the comment, just in case some cat lover gets mad I'm getting the credit.

  28. @technologyMonitor- Thanks, I try to keep it looking good.

  29. This is a great blog! You're really talented! Hope I get my blog as up and running as you did! Good luck!

  30. @Purity- Thanks alot! Took me a year to get it just how I liked it. Good luck with your blog!

  31. Congrats on the Blog of Note award. I'm going to look at more of your art. Your queen bee illy caught my eye, as I like to draw boobs, too.

  32. Pretty cool, I showed my son your blog, he is now inspired! nice!

  33. Congrats on being blog of note, your drawings, convey much talent.I do however have a special drwaing request for you. I've started a short story series on my blog, about 2 cartoon frogs, however I lack the necessary illustrations, to bring my characters to life. please visit the blog, read the story and see if you are interested. If so I would be honored to use your illustrations in the stories.
    Please reply in a message if u get this.

  34. @cynthiapendley- Thanks, yeah boobs are cool but they're damn hard to make look sexy but easy to make look funny.

    @personwho'scommentIcantread- Thanks for w/e you said.

    @Steph_Boog- Thanks. Wow, its weird to think that I'm being shown to younger kids (be careful, I use strong language at many times.) in order for them to see something cool and much weirder that I'm able to inspire anyone with what I do. Thanks I appreciate it and I hope your son tries hard for w/e they want to accomplish!

    @Filling.The.Void- Thanks man, I will get back to you.

  35. Make me an exemption to that! I drew a dinosaur once and my mom asked me why I was so fascinated with house lizards. :)) At least they're related, huh? Assassination, eh? AWW dang! I was considering you for a job but eh, you're too amicable for that role. Stick with the anime. :P

  36. Hey man, house lizard are basically tiny dinosaurs. Maybe all those cave paintings and bone findings were exaggerated...Lol I actually felt a lil offended that I could never lead to a life of being an assassination. Maybe all my niceness is just a front? You never know... Lol, you might be one of the few who'll recognize tomorrow's post. At least I hope so. :D

  37. Hey there! Congrats on being today's blog of note! Well, I never really looked at that tab on my dashboard, I don't know why I did that today but hey, you're awesome! I draw stuff on my blog as well. But only to make myself funnier than I really am! :P

  38. Very cool blog. Glad to have found you through Blogs of Note. Congrats!

  39. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  40. Someday when I grow up I'm going to be a blog of note... until then I guess I'll have to stick to stick figures.

  41. @Anonymous- Thanks!

    @Gnetch- That's what I do too. I also use it to meet new people. I just wish could use it at parties but all they want to do is breakdance, noone's interested in breakdrawing.

    @Annie- Thanks, I'm glad you found me too.

  42. @Mei- When I grow up, I want to be a Blog Of Note again! Good luck though, check out since they're awesome with stick figures.

  43. Nice work man,really like the 3d work :)

  44. @8supernits- Thanks man, you've been kinda lost lately.

  45. Dude, that's really awesome. Great blog! I do a few posts on video games myself, and I used to draw. Certainly not anymore though, I kinda fell out of it years ago :( Nice to see someone showing off their stuff though! Keep it up. Consider yourself followed.

  46. @Robert- Thanks man, appreciate the encouragement. Remember though, its never too late to start drawing again, its a fun thing to do and it helps sort out your mind sometimes. Thanks for the follow!

  47. I love your blog, you have a lot of personality and humor. Congrats on being chosen to be the Blog Note. Anyway, look forward to seeing more of your artwork!

  48. @Femme- Thanks alot, glad to see people still stopping by and liking what I do. Im so excited to get started on doing more comics and stuff :D. Hope you stop by again!

  49. Same here "Kigen," congratulations on your blog being made "Blog of Note." ^^ You're the first comic-themed blog I've followed thus far. Another triumph for you to celebrate! I'm new here, by the way ;)


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