Monday, August 23, 2010

Twitter's Dark Secret

(Click to Enlarge)
I Eff'ing Knew It!

(Skip this paragraph if you know what anime this is.)
So in case you don't know, this is a drawing of Edward Elric from the anime FullMetal Alchemist. It's pretty mainstream now, especially since they re-released a much better adaption of the anime recently. Its about 2 brothers on a journey to get their bodies and limbs back (it isn't as creepy as it sounds) and mastering alchemy, a power that lets the user bend materials to their will. It's bad-ass, enough said.

(Now back to our usual blogging...)
So that was pretty awesome. Welcome new followers and stalkers, I hope to be able to entertain you all as much as I can. Guess this means I gotta start updating alot more, which I'm cool with, as long as it doesn't count into my living time, trust me that's important, or else we wouldn't have an entire room* named after it. 
*The Living Room

Current Obsession

Bet you didn't see that one coming. 
I've been reading the crap out of the original manga and its awesome, unlike the horrible anime adaption. If you ever saw this anime then definitely forget what you saw, wash your brain if need to and watch the new one that was recently released.

But how do you get there you ask? Click the image above!
Just that easy and its free. How cool is that?
Rhetorical Question, really cool.

College is starting up again. My last year, its gonna be interesting.
You better believe I'm excited!
Not this excited though, this kid needs to calm down.

Let me know what you think.
Don't be shy, I'm a nice guy.
At least that what my parole officer says.

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  1. I love full metal alchemist. I've watched heaps of them but i need to get the next series. The movie is good too. Major Armstrong makes me laugh cause he's such a big softie. I got so mad at tucker when he turned his own daughter into a kameira! I couldn't believe he could do something like that...grr! Oh and i love the way Ed reacts when someone calls him short haha!

  2. @Younmum- Lol, glad you enjoyed it. Yeah I love the series too, that's why you should check out the new series. :D

  3. You are so funny and such a great writer! And congratulations on the blog of note, you definitely deserve it :)

  4. Well now we know why twitter always messes up. Demons are always causing mischief to those who summoned them.

  5. super ,nice blog :) check out my blog too

  6. wow, you're funny!!!! i like this blog, it's cool. check mine out, why dontcha?

    you're awesome. i think i'll stalk you. (hehe)

  7. @LoveIsInTheSmog- Thanks alot, you're really cool for saying that! :D

    @Rudolf- Hell yeah they do. Mine don't listen to me at all!

    @anonymous- Thanks man, checked it out, not really into making money but pretty informative. Good luck with that!

    @Wanderlust- Thanks alot, glad ya like it. Sure, I'll check you out. Be careful with stalking me though, I tend to be boring to watch for hours at a time... Dammit, ok, I'm not. I'm super entertaining, I was just trying to psych you out.

  8. I loved the FMA anime! But I've only watched that, the movie, and one episode of the OVAs. I still need to check out Brotherhood :)

  9. @Edlund- lol thanks. It sounds bad if I think about it after watching a scary movie, like you're digging my blog a grave. Lol.

    @scarlet- don't watch anything but Brotherhood cuz it's not the real story by far. I love the manga and this new anime adaption is awesome.

    @luluchan16- dudette, you're epic yourself for leaving me that comment. I like Ed too, in a totally hetero way :D.

  10. wow! so funny and such a great writer!i like this blog,cool.

  11. @NikeDL- Thanks man, glad you liked it. Come though whenever, I personally prefer Nike Hightops btw but to each his own. :D

  12. Gracias vos tambien por pasarte por mi blog...Eres muy talentoso sigue!

  13. Hey! Loving the blog! It makes me feel all fizzy to read it!

  14. @Perik022- Gracias, eso hare. Conseguiste tu primer seguidor! Gracias por poner mi blog en tu pagina.

    @Kay- Lol fizzy? Thats awesome but uh, just in case, get checked out, make sure its my blog, not a pre-existing condition. :D

  15. I really like your drawing :) And thanks for the little explanation :) It was really helpful!

  16. @Smileyfreak- Thanks, I had a feeling I'd have to explain what it was about, just in case. Glad you stopped by :D.

  17. hey! i host a site with a great Illustrations group! maybe u might check it out! :)

    thanks! great stuff!

  18. wow nice... keep it up! ;p

  19. Dude.... YOU"RE AWESOME - humor like yours is rare(and this said in a non meat way) ... Oh and by the way I just had to turn your perfect 266 Followers into a non perfect 267 Followers... your welcome;)

  20. Yeah FMA manga is 100x better than the anime adpation, which is true for 90% of all manga-anime adaptation things. Brotherhood actually wasn't that bad though, they tried to stay pretty true to the Manga.

  21. I can totally understand why yours became a "Blog of Note"!
    Good art, good writing, good humor!

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  23. @Kellie- Cool, iIll check it out when I can. Thanks for coming through.

    @Jeynn- Thanks! I'll try, this pace is pretty brisk.

    @Splashy- No, YOU'RE awesome. Thanks for the encouragement and don't worry, I don't care about how numerically cute my number of followers is, just as long as it keeps growing. :D

    @Gabriele- Thanks! I hope you're right, cuz if its not true, then this is the largest prank anyone has ever played on me.

    @Taiwan- Uh, yeah, thanks? XD

  24. Follow me I followd you

  25. Great illustration! Wonderful. Congratulations on becoming a blog of note! If you have a minute, please stop by my two blogs: A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings and Levonne's Pretty Pics.

  26. Great job!I love full metal alchemist.

  27. I think that is how twitter was born. In fact, I know it was. I saw it on a mushroom trip.

    My parole officer doesn't say I'm a nice guy. He says I need to stay away from hardware stores. And lingerie. Both of those at the same time got me in very bad trouble once.

    This is my blog:

  28. You have doen a marveloous Job. I am really inspired

  29. I damn near spewed my coffee when I saw that pic of Edward Elric. lol! I was like, I gotta follow him now! lol. Thanks for the link to the site. A lot of the free manga sites have been closed down due to copyright reasons (obviously). I own the first 2 manga of FMA, but as you certainly know, manga is expensive and I was unable to buy more.

    What do you use to do your artwork? My friend just purchase a tablet. She does all her anime artwork with the tablet and the style looks similar to the Elric pic. Just curious I guess. I'm not an artist myself but I do enjoy looking at other people's art.

    Thanks agian for the link!


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