Friday, May 22, 2009

Everything Comes to An End...

Psyche. Thought I Would give up? Really? the game I've been playing for 3 days and have become addicted to it all over again. I'm a Lv18 Hunter and have a panther named Socrates after some asshole I know(one of my best friends :D) I've played it before but its so much better when...wait, this isn't what I came to talk about. Stop distracting me reader!

First time I wear that tie
Last time I put my elbows on a babyshower table.

So some bad and good news. First off, I'm in Florida (Not inside the rapper Flo-Rida although I see the similarities) and can't scan in my stuff to photoshop and don't have photoshop to photoshop my photoshop-ables.(Geek tongue-twister.) Don't even have regular access to internet so you can guess I'm REALLY in the boondocks, a lil town called Kissimmee(its not a city according to me).
That's the bad news.

Good news is I've started drawing alot more with all this down-time and will hopefully do a few good enough items to post on here but as of now, I'm going on about a month and half hiatus. I know I'm not good enough to be taking these breaks and dammit if you know I don't want to but for now, whenever I get internet access, I'll post up pictures of whatever kind of cool thing I draw, this is Kigen I Draw Stuff after all...I think. Check your URL in case I have a copy-cat (which would be kind of cool and annoying at the same time).

Good or Bad news(You decide)- I'm going to go back to my roots (what's he talking about? He's Dominican, is he going to start carrying a spear?) No, not quite, if I meant that, I'd still get a sword anyway, cuz they're fucking Awesome...Moving on, I mean taking pictures of my work instead of showing the different parts. I don't know If you'll like it better but here's some whiteboard fun I had at my LOUD mother's house(seriously she won't stop screaming: "Help, help!" Jeez woman, I'll beat the fire off you as soon as I'm done with the blog! Now hush!) White board FUN!

"It's a me, Mustachio"
That's not right...

Info to find out about me (though most of you probably know me) is on the right and check out some of the videos I've been making on my Youtube account(which is a new clickable tab on the side). I'm going to leave it at that.
E-mail me sometime, I get bored:


  1. Damn, man - take your time, why don't you?

    I joke. I have joked. Sucks that you won't have internet, dude - how else will you play WoW? How else will I finally get that fanart? :D

    It's cool. Keep drawing. I guess I'll just get my character concept art elsewhere... >.>

    A note to all of you out there; WoW is a destroyer of life and sophistication. Do not get into its car when it offers you candy.


    Okay, that's not as exciting as I might have made it seem. I was like 10 years old, don't remember much of it. I stayed at the Ramada hotel though, so look at me now, bitches!

    Also, the Flo Rida joke was funny. I never noticed the similarity.

  3. Lol since when do Dominicans carry spears last i remember we carried rocks, lots of them. Also i really think yu shud beat the fire off your mother she would probably appreciate it.

  4. burn bitch... Burn

  5. It's cool you're going to keep going with this. Very cool. Digital copies of the flick pretty soon. Stay tuned...


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