Friday, October 8, 2010

Poster Designs Are Tiring

This has been a hell of a week for me. 

Honestly had so much work that I was going to sleep late and doing nothing but work this past week. 

So yeah, what took me so long was this promotional poster that I made to showcase all the new stuff in a really anticipated game, 
Little Big Planet 2!
Follow the Sackboy!

So yeah, that's why there wasn't a comic, damn classes are really starting to take their toll but for now, it looks like the work-load has gone back down to normal (which still sucks, mind you). But thankfully, I get to unwind this weekend. Why you may ask?

This is what I'm doing the WHOLE weekend. 

And this year, its grouped up with this!

Its my first time attending this type of convention and today was the first day. Gotta say, my feet are killing me and I should really go to sleep, long day ahead of me tomorrow.
Pictures to come, expect those!

Let me know what you think about the poster!

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  1. I absolutely love the poster!! Seriously.
    Really clean - and the balance and placement of things is fabulous.
    Fun characters too! :)
    Have a great time at the Anime Festival and in the comic book store!!

  2. this was really good! Everything u listed is something im really excited for the game. That being said, it is pretty "insider".

  3. I think the poster is awesome!! I wish I can draw something like that. All I can do are silly doodles. Hahaha.

  4. I commented before, telling you how awesome I thought this artwork was - and telling you to have a ton of fun in both those places, but it didn't go through.
    They did a little piece about "Comic Con" on HLN and it looked fantastic!!
    Heaven, for anyone that loves comics, etc.!!
    Hope you had a ball!
    Again - love your art!

  5. @Gabriele- Thanks alot, really appreciate your words. Comic Con was definitely awesome so go next year if you can!

    Anonymous- Lol thanks, appreciate it, and your little "insider" comment too.

    Gnetch- Lol, you know who also did silly doodles? Piccaso. They might look silly to you but to someone else, they could be a masterpiece. :D

    @Anotherdae- It seems like its going to rock, I hope they're not juggling too much at once.


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