Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Backstory Time Folks (Cuz I'm Lazy)

Hey! Welcome, wipe your feet on the rug and relax, its story time. Its been a few weeks now and I'm dying under the weight of all this school work, its getting in the middle of my fun time (not a masturbation joke...unless you think its funny then by all means, enjoy) I know it's probably a lame reason but there won't be a fresh new drawing up this week. Sorry, school in the end comes first, if I had a job, then I would say fuck it but school is more like a dominatrix, need I say anything more? I do? Nipple clamps. There you go.

So yeah, why not post up some of my old stuff? Because I don't want to!...Okay, you talked me into it.(No one really spells out okay anymore) When I was young, I used to...trace (I feel a lil dirty thinking back on it, not because of the tracing, just...memories) Anyways, yeah, it took me a while to actually draw stuff and you can say I'm still not caught up. I grew up in the Dominican Republic (said backwards for all my spanish brethren...or just hicks). My cartoons were not limited by my country's third worldlyness though, I used to watch Dragon Ball (Z too), He-Man, Looney Tunes but I think my first anime that I watched alot was Sailor Moon...I know, I know.
Moving on, that got me into that whole genre, it expanded much more when I picked up my first manga book, I'll never forget the name, it was Ejaculation Rangers, weird since I found it in Borders...
Ok, seriously, it was Love Hina Vol.2. I just really liked the style and Ken Akamatsu (the manga artist) is still one of my fave artists today and here are some other stuff that inspires me.

This is probably getting too long so I'll just show some of my work that I've done over the last few years. Check it out, nothing too original, not until just recently have I been getting really creative so there you go. Tell me what you think.

Now stop asking me for more! I'm joking, please ask for more. Oh yeah, and post your names when you comment and you're not a blogger member. I want to know who's actually reading this crap. Follow me if you like what I do and if you don't spite me by following me, that'll teach me!

Twitter: Kigenhere
PS:I got the next three drawings planned out. The first is for my brother since I owe him since October and have been lying saying I did it (I swear Im nice) so you'll see what he asked for.the second is for some groupie I know that thinks she's my girlfriend(I tell her that to keep her from going nuts and killing herself, or worse, me!) And the third is for one of my best friends, now THAT is going to be challenging, I've never done that kind of drawing so it should be challenging to say the least. Are PS' supposed to be this long? Ah well, leave a comment, tell me your opinion.


  1. Where's my FUCKING Gundam!?

  2. Yeah, I'm sure that's what you read Love Hina for. The 'style'. Just kidding - though make sure no one finds your *other* collection of anime.

    Good pictures, truth be told. Although, what on EARTH is up with that picture of turtles?


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