Thursday, July 29, 2010

Devil May Cry: Dante's Twin

Happy Birthday Ellison.
"Dante: You want a date? Well, forget it. Because I make a point not to go out with women who shoot me in the head! "

This is an art request for my lil bro(for sho) Ellison. He talked to me about wanting a drawing (mostly cuz its all I can afford as a broke college student) of Dante from Devil May Cry. Instead, I decided to ignore what he said and make him take the place of Dante. Sure, I made him look a lil older, sure its not right to draw my younger brother holding two guns and a sword on his back, but c'mon, its his birthday, and I don't give a fuck its not your birthday(Thank you 50Cent... Curtis Jackson for the snappy line). I wish I could've done better with the face but I did my best as of now so next case.
Let me know what you think!

My current obsession?
I have been in Rhode Island for close to two weeks now trying to get a job that I thought was guaranteed (it wasn't) so in the mean time, I've been watching a lot of The Office. I really understand why this show is so awesome. It's hilarious in its outlining office pranks and situations, especially thanks to Steve Carell who's really over-the-top funny. If I EVER worked at a business that sells paper, I'd like to believe that it'd be just like this...or else I'd paper-slash my wrists out of boredom.

I've honestly gone through 3 seasons in this short amount of time so you best believe its awesome, definitely check it out.

Now you're caught up on what I've been up to so how about you keep me entertained by commenting. Please don't leave me to my own imagination. I'm soooo bored. Ah well, time to draw I guess.

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  1. That drawing is quite awesome... and it's fictional so it's okay to draw your li'l brother with lethal weapons!

    I love the Office too... I think I have watched every episode at least 4 times. Sometimes it's just playing on the computer non=stop while I work. One of the best shows ever! (But LOST is still the very best show, so if you haven't seen that yet, put it in your netflix queue.)

  2. @Robin Cain - Lol Thanks, my brother liked the drawing so I feel good about it. Plus he does love himself some lethal weapons.

    I don't know about starting Lost anymore since I found out alot of key plot points/twists such as the smoke monster etc. Might watch it just to have something to bring up in conversation, like starting smoking. :D

  3. wow.. its pretty good... hmm a new world for your brother... take care..

  4. @Chillapple- Lol yeah, im happy he liked it or else this would've been for nothing, well, apart from blogging.


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