Monday, February 21, 2011

GT Poke Theater

"Its Super Effective"
Yup, this is what I think about when playing any of the few last handheld Pokemon games.
I mean, damn, the Nintendo 64 Pokemon Stadium had idle animations but yeah, been wanting to make this comic for a while now.

I'm really loving Manga Studio which is what I have been using for a few comics now. This one I needed to combine with Photoshop for a few reasons but still, drawing is much easier in MS.
Although a Cintiq would help like CRAZY. It'd be awesome to own one.
Anyways, I'm gonna start concentrating more on SavePoints cuz that's my senior project.
Yup, I'm a senior(2nd time around) in College & this is my final project.
So stay tuned and help me make it a successful project!
Ok Internetz?

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  1. I love how it turned out. Your drawing is awesome!!!


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