Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Farewell Old Flame, Hello New Lover

Ok, guys, I think it looks like I might be not updating this as much (cuz I wasn't from the beginning) which is because I'm now devoting all my time to a website me and three of my friends (Peter Sciacca, Socrates and Lewis Garcia) are launching that features not only comics which I'll draw along with two others, but also articles, and a badass podcast which is already up on iTunes!
Its called........ waaaaaaiiiitttt forrrrrrr ittttttt:

Its one of those witty paradox titles.
This image can also take you to the awesome site!

From here on, I'm going to devote my comics, thoughts and time there. It was a nice experience doing this blog for as long as I did and I'd like to thank everyone who helped out, commented, secretly read but never posted a comment and the spammers (God, there were many). This blog was a cool and satisfying stepping stone but everything must end and its time for this one to end. I started out as KiGen, some guy who put way too much thought into making up that handle and now I end as I should've began, as Mike Suazo, guy who draws stuff.

You can still reach me at my twitter, which I changed recently, but please check out the new site. I may sound like plugging alot (http://1hitcombo.com) but its for a reason. We're the every guy who not only talk about videogames, but about stuff that happens in out lives, plus some people tell us we're funny (mostly our moms).

So, again, thank you for visiting this site.
Follow me to my new home at:
It's the new trendy thing the cool kids are going to.
You wanna be cool, right?
Of course you do!
Contact Info:
e-mail: mike@1hitcombo.com
twitter: http://twitter.com/mike_suazo
facebook: http://facebook.com/mikesuazo
PSN: KigenIPlayStuff

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