Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

Man am I behind, I drew this up but I hadn't been able to scan it til today. I did this thinking about the way small kids draw their hands and decorate them into turkeys. This is my version. Hope you enjoy it.

Sorry that there hasn't been any new comics or designs but it's finals week right now and there are papers and projects due left & right. When I hand in my final paper, I'm going to draw like two comics, just to catch up on the ideas I've been DYING to draw.
Nerf Suicide is a healthy alternative.

As soon as school is over (And i drink my celebratory drinks), I will get back to regular posting. Hoping to hear on an interview too, so I hope that comes through.
Hipster Turkey, make it happen!

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  1. I love the hand-Turkey idea! That was always one of my favorite things to do around Thanksgiving. Also, I remember making totem poles out of construction paper. That was rad, too.

    And I cannot WAIT for finals to be over. Ugh. Nerf suicide is very tempting. Celebratory drinks will certainly follow. I'll either a) want them because finals went SO awesome that I deserve it or b) need them because finals went so bad that only liquor will ease my pain.

    Good luck on finals! And on hearing back about the interview!

  2. @Sarah- Lol thanks for passing through. Totem poles huh? Pretty badass. Hell yeah, this should be interesting, I really want to just chillax, lay back, do comics and just finish all the games I've yet to completely beat.

    I hope that they call me back too, would definitely help with me learning how the real world operates.

  3. Just had to post this on my Facebook lol Excellent turkey my friend.

  4. @8SN- Yes, yes he is.

    @Robert- Thanks man, appreciate it. :D

  5. I'd just like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a glorious Holiday Season!!


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