Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year = New Resolutions

Happy Belated New Year as my ghetto friends would say.
(they wouldn't though, they're too busy being ghetto)

How's everything going for everyone? I had a pretty chill celebration over here, just relaxed with the family. I don't know if you're spanish or have spanish friends or have been spanish in a past life but man, there's tons of "Bringing in the New Year" traditions or "witchcraft" that we do in order to get certain things in the new year. 

They include: 
  • Rubbing money while the countdown starts to get more money in the new year.
  • Eating one grape for one wish per minute for 12 minutes after 12AM.
  • Dumping lentils in your pockets to get money( I don't get this one either...)
Its like we're trying to be some type of witch/wizarding family...
Why is it tricky being a kid?
Cuz you work for Satan!
Especially that little one...

You guys can look forward to a lot more updates & I'll try to be as damn entertaining as I can be. I'll probably try cursing less too but then again, $#!+, its just so damn fun to throw out a random cuss word here and there. But still, I'll try to contain myself. Hopefully you guys keep on coming through, I really do love reading your comments.

Happy New Year.

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  1. These traditions make me smile. The grape one I've heard before. Is it a Hispanic tradition to eat the 12 grapes after midnight?

    We have a Chinese tradition to have 13 different fruits laid out on the table for prosperity and we make noise with car horns, pans or those paper horns to vanish evil spirits from the house and bad luck. lol.

    Happy New Year! I think a lot of people kept it chill this year. I surely did!


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