Thursday, March 3, 2011

SavePoints 13 I Am #4th Wall

Should Alex:
A. Help her out.
B. Leave & find another way.

Vote! NAO!

It feels nice to get a comic out but I'm really missing the whole delicacy of pencil and paper.
If only the great people at Wacom would give me a free Cintiq, I would advertise them TONS more then I already do. 
Get at me Wacom ;)
 So yeah, Vote on what happens next! Story's only a few months away from ending so these votes are becoming crucial to how it will end.
Honestly, you guys are really guiding my hand on how this story goes.
Guide it somewhere you'd be interested to see it go!

I leave you with a doodle I made at my internship as an incentive to VOTE!

1 comment:

  1. A!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love that Alex gets into a lot of trouble. :p


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